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PackTrack is the top choice for K9 handlers, trainers and supervisors seeking a full-featured, flexible and secure record management solution. It’s designed to work the way you do – whether you’re at your desk or in the field.

PackTrack was developed, tested and proven by top K9 training experts with decades of experience in the field and an extensive background in writing, instructing handlers and running HITS K9, America’s premier K9 training conference.

To ensure the safety of all recorded data, PackTrack operates on the same secure infrastructure used by the US government and numerous financial institutions. Our unique data management solution, which continuously backs up all records, provides convenient access to information through any web browser or the included iOS and Android mobile apps.

From the beginning, PackTrack has been focused on protecting officers and agencies from potential liability. Professionally designed forms and concise, modern looking reports make it easy to document and prove each canine’s reliability in court.

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Training, Handling and Reporting with PackTrack

Complete Record Keeping

Eliminate repetitive paperwork and manage all your K9 records in one solution. PackTrack provides extensive support for both detection and patrol records with specially designed forms and reports tuned by working K9 handlers.

We Make it Easy

Record keeping isn’t always fun but PackTrack makes it simple. We’ve carefully selected only the fields required to give you a complete record of each of your activities. All other fields are optional. Enhance your records with location, weather and photos.

Accurate Reporting

The comprehensive reporting system includes a variety of uniquely tailored individual and group reports. They’re accurate, detailed and use colorful graphs and tables to make your records easy to understand while also demonstrating your K9’s reliability in court.

Customizable Groups

Create training groups from the same or multiple agencies and share data to eliminate redundant data entry. Common information for each exercise is entered only once for the group. Individual K9 handlers simply enter their own performance specifics and their records are kept completely separate.

Reliable Map Tracking

The PackTrack mobile app offers convenient and reliable K9 location tracking with the touch of a button. When you start a track, PackTrack records your changing position and attaches a live map to your current record. You can also add photographs to store with the map.

Best Support in the Industry

PackTrack is renowned for its dedicated and responsive support team. Got a question or suggestion? We want to hear from you! PackTrack is regularly updated with new features and enhancements based on our development roadmap and your feedback.

What can PackTrack do for you?

What Our Customers Say

PackTrack has revolutionized how we maintain our training records, deployments forms, and statistics. As the only supervisor of a 26-team K-9 Unit, PackTrack has streamlined our recordkeeping and afforded me the time to monitor actual training and deployments on the street with my people instead of sitting behind a desk. The multiple access options of the system allow me to review and approve records whenever and wherever I am with ease. Additionally, it identifies when and where our deployments occur, allowing me to assign our K-9 teams when and where they are needed most. The customer service of the PackTrack staff has been second to none and they have been open to any of our needs. I would highly recommend the service for anyone looking to improve their recordkeeping and K-9 unit as a whole!Sergeant Steve Hearth, Polk County Sheriff's Office, Florida
PackTrack has made many of the administrative duties within our large K9 unit simple and efficient. The transition from an Access database system to PackTrack has been a monumental improvement to the many administrative processes of our unit! Our unit has 31 handlers, 2 full-time trainers, and 2 unit supervisors. The amount of data generated from training and deployments with a unit this size can be difficult to manage. PackTrack has made managing, navigating, entering, and retrieving all of our data nearly effortless. The increased efficiency not only allows our unit to be more productive but it also adds an element of professionalism with the ability to generate reports almost instantly. Our handlers in the field greatly appreciate the ability to use their mobile devices to make activity and training entries.Jay Pavlenko, Lieutentant, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, California
I’ve learned more about training police dogs from Jeff Barrett and Andy Weiman [PackTrack’s creators] than from all of my other classes combined. These guys know what they’re talking about and it works. They know it works because they’re on the streets catching bad guys and finding drugs like no one else.Deputy Morgan Case, Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Idaho