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Sensible and fair pricing
A PACKTRACK subscription provides full access to our website and mobile app - including our unique map tracking features. There's no contract required. A handler subscription covers the handler and all of their dogs. Unlike other services we don't charge multiple times if a handler has 2 or more dogs. We also have an amazing interface for trainers and supervisors and these roles are completely free.
Never lose access to your records
PACKTRACK doesn't remove your data from the system unless you explicitly ask us to. Your records remain available even if you don't have an active subscription. Whether you transition to a new role, move to a new department or leave K9 work altogether we'll ensure that you retain access to your old records for viewing or creating reports.

  • Free trial: try PACKTRACK for 30 days
  • Monthly subscription: $14 per handler each month
  • Annual subscription: $140 per handler each year – Save $28 annually!
  • Special billing requests: use the Contact Us form below

NOTE: You must complete this signup process before you can login to the iPhone and Android mobile apps.