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Canine training has never been easier. PackTrack uses the newest technology and the power of the web to move canine training into the 21st century. PackTrack is more than a record keeping software; it assists you in training your canine. It captures data that can prove your canine’s reliability in court. PackTracks unique design allows multiple agencies to train together while still keeping each individual handler records separate. It eliminates redundant data entry by handlers. PackTrack captures deployment information in real time with the ability to photograph your seizures and add them to your records. It will analyze your records and prompt you with training tips to make your dog more reliable.   Features Pack Track
Features Pack Track   The most flexible system ever PackTracks unique design allows users to create training groups. Members of the group can be from the same agency or multiple different agencies. The trainer of the agency or of a specific exercise will enter the basic data about the training exercise, which will then be available to all members of the training group. Each handler can then enter specifics about their performance and save the information to their individual records. This reduces the amount of redundant data entry, increases the accuracy of the training records and reduces the time it takes to complete your records.
Accurate reporting straight from the field. PackTracks phone applications allow handlers to keep their records up to date and completely accurate. The ability to add photographs to your deployment records will assist in proving your reliability in court. One touch from the PackTrack phone application automatically populates your deployment log with date, time, location and photographs of your deployment. You can continue to enter the remaining data from your phone or finish the deployment log later from a computer.   Features Pack Track
Features Pack Track   Prompt you with training tips to be more reliable PackTracks technology will analyze your training records and provide training tips to improve your dog’s reliability. PackTrack will prompt you when you need:
  • Proofing or distracter training on specific items
  • Controlled negatives or blank training scenarios
  • Timing, length of your training exercises extended
Provides real time reporting PackTrack is able to provide individual and group statistics. Use the statistics to justify or expand your canine program. The stats will allow you to analyze your canine’s performance and your group’s performance and productivity.

Quickly search the PackTrack database to find a specific training date, exercise or specific deployment.

Compare your performance and productivity to general statistics from around the country.
  Features Pack Track
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