More Notification Options

PACKTRACK TeamSystem Update

PACKTRACK has always provided notifications about the status of your K9 training and deployment records. These alerts are shown in the bottom of the interface when something important happens. They’re displayed whether you’re on the main website or using the mobile app. We also send these messages by email. This keeps you in the loop about what’s happening even when you’re not using the system.

PACKTRACK notification alerts

PACKTRACK notification alerts on your phone

In this release we’ve extended this feature to include more notification types and to provide new configuration options so you can decide which notifications are sent to your email. These are the new notifications types:

  1. Upcoming event. Get notified when future training events are created so you know your schedule. This includes events with either mandatory or opt-in attendance.
  2. Exercise ready to complete. This notification is sent when an exercise is added to an event that you recently attended. The message suggests that you now complete the exercise and describe how your dog performed.
  3. Exercise completion past due. If you haven’t yet completed an exercise that took place over 7 days ago then this notification will remind you that it needs to be done.
  4. Exercise ready for comments. Trainers now have the option to be notified when a handler completes an exercise. This reminds the trainer to add comments and feedback to the training.

The user profile page now gives you the option of configuring which notification types will also send you an email. If you’re receiving too many email messages or finding that they’re not helpful then you can disable them.

Configure handler notification settings

Configure trainer notifications on your phone

We hope these improvements help you to stay up to date with what’s happening in your PACKTRACK account without being overloaded with emails. Let us know what you think.