PACKTRACK Pricing Change

Andrew WeimanGeneral

We’re planning a change to all PACKTRACK handler subscriptions. Prices will be increasing in the new year so that we can continue to enhance the service with great new features. The price for new and existing handlers will increase to $140 per year ($11.67/month) starting on Jan 1st, 2022. If you pay monthly then it will be $14 per month. If you’ve already paid for your subscription then this increase won’t affect you until you renew. Free trainer and supervisor accounts are not affected.

We recognize that this may be surprising considering how long we’ve been able to keep our price so low. This increase helps us ensure our long term commitment to providing a robust, easy to use K9 record keeping solution for handlers everywhere. These are the reasons we’re moving forward with this change:

  • Our pricing has been unchanged since PACKTRACK was introduced over 10 years ago
  • The costs associated with running this service have risen substantially over the years
  • We continue to invest heavily in new features, refinements and bug fixes every month
  • We’re committed to a roadmap of quality improvements to give you the best possible experience
  • Even after this change, at under $12/month, we still cost less than our competition

Thank you for your understanding. We don’t make these decisions lightly and very much appreciate your support of this service. If you have any concerns at all please reach out and let us know.

Thanks always,
Andrew Weiman and Jeff Barrett