Trainer & Supervisor Mobile Phone App

PACKTRACK TeamSystem Update

K9 supervisor reviewing PACKTRACK handler records


Trainers and supervisors provide important oversight in K9 record keeping. With our latest update these roles gain full access to the system through our mobile app. Read on for an overview of how the PACKTRACK phone app enables trainers and supervisors to manage the K9 record keeping process on the go. Handlers, trainers and supervisors can download the Android and iOS mobile apps anytime from the app stores.


Trainers use PACKTRACK to create training groups as well as schedule events and exercises for handlers. They also provide data entry supervision and ensure that everyone completes their records in a timely manner. Just as important, trainers provide critical feedback on training. This includes personalized analysis of how the team performed in each exercise as well as comments on how the exercise was recorded.

The Records view allows trainers to add new training events. It also conveniently shows all past and future scheduled training in one place. The interface works the same as it does for handlers. Simply tap on the calendar to see any training for that date. Tap the plus button in the upper right to add new training.

PACKTRACK mobile app for K9 trainers


Use the Manage view to see a list of the handlers that you’re training. From here you can invite new handlers, monitor record completion and view the Profile and Dogs page of each handler. Tap on any of the statistics (ex: 3 Late Records) to show more detail.

Trainers can manage K9 handlers


Regardless of whether they created the initial exercise, trainers can add comments when handlers complete an exercise. These notes become permanent additions to the handler’s training record.

K9 trainers can comment on handler training records



Supervisors ensure managed handlers train and deploy effectively for the department. This role has additional supervisory options including paying for handler subscriptions and the ability to see detailed historical data entry activities. Supervisors have access to all training and deployment records created by each managed handler. They also have the ability to review and reject completed records. Lastly, supervisors can view active deployment tracking for any handler on a live map.

Supervisors use the Records view to get an overview of K9 training and deployment activity across the department. From here they can open records, create reports and approve or reject records. Convenient filters make it easy to focus on specific types of records or just those from a particular handler.

PACKTRACK mobile app for K9 supervisors


The Manage view provides access to handler details such as their record edit history and configuration options for their billing, profile and dogs. Convenient statistics link directly to the relevant training or deployment records with just a tap. Invite new handlers to be managed using the plus button in the upper right.

Supervisors can manage K9 handlers


Open handler records by tapping on them in the Records view. From here K9 supervisors can review the training and deployment logs to ensure they meet requirements. Rejecting a record notifies the associated handler and includes the reason that the record requires updates.

Supervisors can approve and reject K9 handler records


Real time location tracking is available to all handlers. Supervisors can view any active deployment by tapping on the map icon in the deployment row of the Records Page. They can also view all active deployments on the same map.

Supervisor live map deployment tracking


Role Switching

Do you have multiple roles? Perhaps you’re a trainer who’s also a handler. Or maybe you use all 3 roles. It’s easy to switch between roles using the main menu in the upper left of your phone.

With this release we’ve also made switching roles more convenient. PACKTRACK now remembers which role you last used on each device. For example, if you prefer to add exercises as a trainer on your desktop but use your phone to complete the exercises as a handler then each device will allow you to use these different roles at the same time. It will also remember your role preference when you next login.

Switch your role to K9 Supervisor


We hope these changes make your work just a little bit easier and more convenient. Remember: trainer and supervisor accounts are completely free. If you’re new to PACKTRACK then you can sign up for an account HERE. If you’d like to add one of these roles to your current account then just let us know and we’ll set you up. Otherwise, if you’re already a trainer or supervisor, grab the app and try logging in!