Updated K9 Training Classes & Profile Page

PACKTRACK TeamSystem Update

We’re continuing to update PACKTRACK to a modern, easier to use design. We now have K9 training class support in the Records page as well as a new handler profile page that works on the web and in the mobile app.

Training Classes

Create a training class record any time you want to document classroom work (which typically takes place indoors without your dog). This new record type is displayed on the records page just like any other police K9 record you may have for training or deployment activities.


K9 Police Training Class Records List


Click on a training class record row to open the record in the editor. From here you can view and edit any details. Classroom records support the new PACKTRACK record review system so supervisors can accept or reject records and the handler will be notified. Training class records are also a great place to store any K9 training documents you might have received at the class.


K9 Police Training Class Record Editor


User Profile Page

The updated profile page is available on the web and in the mobile app. It provides a cleaner interface and additional statistical information including your total training hours and number of deployments. It’s available for handlers (web and mobile app), trainers (web) and supervisors (web).


K9 Police Profile Page on Mobile


The new profile page borrows a feature from the Dogs page: you can organize all of your K9 record keeping documents into categories. Drag and drop files from your computer or select them from your phone. You can even rename files and move them between categories by dragging.


K9 Police Document Management


By the way, did you know that PACKTRACK has mobile apps for Android and iOS/iPhone? Download them anytime from the mobile app stores.

We hope these new updates improve your PACKTRACK experience. Got questions? Let us know.